Ranvir-Ragini-Shishir’s New Love Triangle In “Bidaai”

September 29, 2008

There will be soon a twist in Bidaai story. Manish Naggdev will court Raagini on the Star Plus show, where he plays a positive character. Manish said he did not know much about the character he was playing. Manish said, “All I have been told is that my character is casted opposite Ragini’s and that it is a positive role. My entry would be during a special one hour episode”.
Manish has been called to the sets on Saturday to shoot some of his sequences, and his entry is going to take a few people by surprise. The lead actress of Bidaai Parul Chauhan (Raagini), “I am unaware of any other fact”.

Rajan Shahi, the show’s producer said, “The new character ould be Shishir which is played by Manish and he will be paired opposite Raagini. When the two of them will meet, it will be a cameo. It will be a very nice angle, it will be very evolving and interesting.
Will Shishir get married to Raagini? And if so, then what will happen to the love story of Ranvir-Ragini, will it get over? We asked the producer about it. Rajan says, “I never said that they will get married, they would not. You have to watch the show for this, I do not want to reveal much”.

It is learnt that his family will approach Ragini’s for her hand in marriage but Manish will instead help her get married to her love, Ranvir. Sara Khan, who plays Sadhana said she was also unaware of developments. She asked when we broke news to her of Manish’s entry, “Is it so? I have no clue about this”.

Manish has previously done Zee TV’s Banoo Main Teri Dulhann and 9X’s Jiya Jale. Currently in Santaan, he is also doing an important role.